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Philosophy & values

Our vision

“It's a state of mind. Human above all. The pride of being a developer. Consultants are at the heart  of our vision.

We belong to a family. Everyone is easy- going and eager to help. At SFEIR, we give everyone the opportunity to develop themselves.

There is often a gap between what a business communicates & everyday reality. It is not at SFEIR. "

Nicolas, SFEIR employee for 8 years - Software Architect & Team Leader

Our values

1- Wellbeing

Learn and share

In the SFEIR community, you can count on other Sfeir employees, debate ideas, expand your knowledge and enrich your experience. You will also have to help and share while showing respect and empathy to help others succeed in their careers.

2- Diversity

Proud to be developers (and more)

Live your passions and your differences. They are the wealth of our community. We are convinced that this alchemy between common passions and diversity contributes to the success of each project we undertake.


3 - Excellence

Achieve greatness

SFEIR will help you to constantly improve yourself, to strive for excellence. You will be trained and supported to increase your employability on future technologies. A team leader will ensure that your missions contribute to your professional development.

4 - Freedom

Have an impact

At SFEIR, you join a community on the move where everyone's action counts. If you want, you can have a direct impact on corporate governance in holacracy. Everyone is free to express their ideas, join a project or create an event.

5 - Responsibility

The best ambassadors

You have the confidence of the management to represent our values and all Sfeir employees in the best way with our customers and in the technological communities.

Certified trainers

Our certified trainers provide training courses that may help you prepare for certification based on  the latest cutting-edge technologies of the SFEIR Institute program.

Volunteer trainers

Our volunteer trainers are expert developers willing to share their knowledge through free training courses : SFEIR Schools.

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