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We coach and meet the strategic and technological challenges of our clients in more than 10 business sectors.

Our objective: to study your problems, to find together answers adapted to your context and to provide sustainable solutions to meet your challenges of digital transformation.

Our principal sectors: Banks & Insurance, Energy, Retail, Luxury, Public Sector, Media, Start-ups & Software Publishers, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Industry.

Developing a data economy at the service of an ecological and resilient society

The challenges of energy transition and large-scale urban projects today make it necessary to develop a new way of producing and managing energy. Smart networks, or “smart grids”, rely on the IoT (Internet of Things) and its myriad of sensors to respond to these challenges by promoting the flow of information between suppliers and consumers in order to adjust real-time flow and allow more efficient management of networks.


Consumers, energy or water producers, transport network managers, IT companies and local authorities must work together to collect, process and analyze complex data in real time and optimize the consumption and production of resources.

Accelerating the decentralization of energy production and consumption

The energy transition involves many transformations in energy consumption, its creation and exchange, and requires the use of intermittent renewable energies such as wind power and photovoltaics which can be consumed locally. Electricity networks are switching from a centralized logic where the electricity consumed is locally produced, to a model where the share of decentralized electricity will increase. 

The implementation of blockchains dedicated to energy issues and in particular electricity, where individuals can interact without going through a third party will be more and more common. Associated with meters and sensors, the blockchain will make it possible to record consumption, avoid fraud and certify the origin of the electricity consumed by a customer.

Developing Internet of Things to optimize resource management

Controlling energy consumption is a major socio-economic issue, both for individuals and for companies. The gap between available energy reserves and contemporary consumption is self evident. To understand, monitor and control this consumption, the use of IoT at the heart of smart networks is becoming essential.

IoT data enables information such as spending, consumption habits and peaks to be tracked, in order to adjust consumption, production and distribution of resources in real time, as well as to make forecasts. Coupled with sensors in homes or buildings, applications can thus use artificial intelligence to adjust heating, air conditioning, etc.

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