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We support and meet the strategic and technological challenges of our clients in more than 10 business sectors.

Our objective: to study your problems, to find together answers adapted to your context and to provide sustainable solutions to meet your challenges of digital transformation.

Our favorite sectors: Banks & Insurance, Energy, Retail, Luxury, Public Sector, Media, Start-ups & software publishers, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Industry.



Understanding consumers to foster loyalty and commitment

Changes in media consumption during lockdown were inevitable. Internet browsing time, online video consumption and engagement on social networks have increased considerably and content offers are multiplying.

Regarding video on demand by subscription (SVOD), the trend of the “boomerang” subscriber is strengthening, given the proliferation of online streaming offers and the duplication of content from one platform to another. Streaming and entertainment platforms should focus on understanding the different stages of the consumer subscription journey that will lead to long-term engagement and loyalty to the platform. 

Optimizing the use of data without compromising their confidentiality

In a context of rationalizing advertising budgets, organizations need to rely on data analysis to create an optimal media mix, and thus maximize the ROI of media investments across all points of contact. Analytics based on artificial intelligence technologies will help predict consumer behavior. 

However, certain barriers are erected against the use of this user data. With the scheduled disappearance of third-party cookies from the Chrome browser by 2022, tracking the activities of a user from one site to another will be chaotic. CMOs will need to quickly find viable alternatives to replace third-party cookies, such as the Privacy Sandbox project.

Switching from a relational channel to a transactional channel

With the confinement and the increase in the time spent on social networks like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, new e-commerce business models based on live-streaming, social e-commerce, have quickly emerged. Brands must aim for an effective omnichannel presence across all media and use data to support consumers throughout their purchasing journey on social networks to then build loyalty. 

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