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We coach and meet the strategic and technological challenges of our clients in more than 10 business sectors.

Our objective: to study your problems, to find together answers adapted to your context and to provide sustainable solutions to meet your challenges of digital transformation.

Our principal sectors: Banks & Insurance, Energy, Retail, Luxury, Public Sector, Media, Start-ups & software publishers, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Industry.


Digitizing public services to modernize administrations and simplify processes

The digital transformation and the evolution of end user experience raises their expectations with regards to public digital services. The Great National Debate, held in 2019 in France highlighted the needs for simplicity, speed and proximity. The “Public Action 2022” program, articulated around improving the quality of public services, modernizing work environments and controlling public spending, will largely rely on the deployment of digital services to strengthen accessibility of public services and increase their capacity for innovation.

The cross-functional digitization of the administration simplifies business processes and allows public officials to devote more time to missions with higher added value.

Improving the user experience to strengthen the link between citizens and public administrations

Administrations must rethink their user experiences to meet their expectations and requirements. An effort on the structuring of user data makes it possible both to prevent citizens from carrying out repetitive actions and to relieve the administrative burden on public officials. This vision of citizen-centered public services implies the adoption of new working methods and methodologies such as Design Thinking and Agility, which promote a project culture as opposed to operation management.

Adapting the end user experience of public officials

The digital transformation of the public sector must concern civil servants in the same way as citizens. This aim is also reflected in the concept of the “public official's digital backpack”, whose goal is to facilitate collaborative work and the mobility of public sector officials. Beyond mobile equipment, the entire chain needs to be studied and adapted, in order to secure access, more easily access information and more generally to deploy methods of communication. digital, collaborative work, within teams.

Opening public data to better innovate

Since the law of October 7, 2016 “for a Digital Republic”, local authorities must open up public data and data known as “of general interest”. These data can thus be used by private sector companies to boost and improve the circulation and use of this information.

Many administrations are also increasing the exchange of data with companies, which makes it possible to create or support an entrepreneurial dynamic around this data, but also to better implicate the State services around a user centric context. 


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