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We support and meet the strategic and technological challenges of our clients in more than 10 business sectors.

Our objective: to study your problems, to find together answers adapted to your context and to provide sustainable solutions to meet your challenges of digital transformation.

Our favorite sectors: Banks & Insurance, Energy, Retail, Luxury, Public Sector, Media, Start-ups & software publishers, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Industry.

Strengthening the SaaS model

The growth of the software sector is mainly driven by SaaS. Customers praise the use of ATAWAD (anytime, anywhere, any device), ease of deployment and upgrade as well as optimized and secure data storage thanks to the Cloud. Whether you are a “digital native” or have to move from a traditional model to a model based on the Cloud, making the right choices of Cloud infrastructure and architecture, adapting your software offer, are non-trivial but fundamental steps to be part of this growth of the SaaS model.

Shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric culture

In an ultra competitive market where the offer is exploding, software publishers must imperatively place the customer at the center. V-cycle software development is over and companies need to embrace iterative user-centric methodologies like Design Thinking and Agility. The customer experience, seamless and meeting the final need, must be the reference and the cornerstone of software development. It is the adoption, use and satisfaction rates of the software that must become the criteria for success.

Decompartmentalizing data to facilitate decision-making

Companies now see data as a strategic asset, but don't necessarily know how to use it. Software publishers have a major role to play, to decompartmentalize and enhance this data. It must be useful, arrive at the right time and be presented in a way that is immediately understandable to users. It must be actionable: users must be able to rely on it to make the right decisions, which will make the difference in a competitive environment. The integration of machine learning algorithms will be done in the same way, from an MLops perspective, so that artificial intelligence can help users in a transparent way.

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