Pure player of digital transformation

As a consulting company specializing in technological innovation, we coach companies in their mobile application development projects, websites and also in the implementation of cloud infrastructures or data strategies.

Capture the full potential of digital transformation

As a developers community united by passion, +600 expert developers in Application, Cloud and Data, now support companies in their digital transformation from strategic advice to implementation.

Technological excellence, a source of value

For more than 5 years, our organic growth has been 20% per year but what we seek above all is to create value for our customers thanks to our teams of consultants and expert developers who master emerging technologies and know how to harness the full potential.

The strength of our company lies in the quality of our developers, so we have set up a particularly selective recruitment process, guaranteeing the level of technological ability. 

To guide Sfeir employees in their careers, we help them in the development of their expertise, by helping them to train, to become certified, and we ensure that they grow through innovative projects.

SFEIR experts, market trends and technological partnerships define the demands that we can meet, which is why we help consultants to enrich their technical and human skills in order to strive for excellence. 

Compatible with the future

Identifying emerging technological trends is our greatest asset to allow us to anticipate market developments and customer expectations in order to prepare today for the tech world of tomorrow.

SFEIR coaches companies in defining their digital strategy and in implementing their projects.

This approach has enabled us to anticipate the arrival of Cloud computing from as early as 2008. From that time on, we were ready to welcome, adopt this technology and support companies once the market had reached maturity.

Our forward-looking vision has always differentiated us in our market and has allowed us to be recognized as pioneers and experts in new technologies.