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SFEIR Institute provides advanced technology training

SFEIR Institute was born out of a strong demand for skills in emerging technologies.

We allow client companies to benefit from knowledge and skills in the latest cutting-edge technologies.

In house or on site. face-to-face, remote or e-learning. Off the shelf or tailor-made training. We provide the best support for your teams in their training needs.


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SFEIR Institute, Google Cloud Partner of the Year

In April 2020, SFEIR won the Google Cloud Partner of the Year award in the Training category.

A Qualiopi certified training offer

As a guarantee of the quality of the delivery process for actions contributing to the development of skills, it certifies the professionalism of our training organization on a large number of criteria during a detailed audit.

It aims to guide you and reassure you in the choice of your training providers.

Training courses eligible for the FNE

From November 1, 2020, all our customers can benefit from the FNE-Training Recovery Plan for the training of their furloughed employees.

SFEIR Institute combines two intense interests of SFEIR: in technologies and in relaying  and knowledge sharing.

For our customers, SFEIR Institute represents a means of accelerating the adoption of the most recent technologies in order to accelerate their transformation.

For them as for us, SFEIR Institute is a tool at the service of continuous improvement in an effervescent technological universe.

Bruno Le Forestier

VP Business, SFEIR

To guarantee the excellence of SFEIR Institute, we have opted for a strong bias: our trainers are above all "Do'ers".

Our consultants are with our customers every week where they enrich and put into practice their knowledge.

The result: our trainings are not generic HowTo procedures but really sharing sessions rooted in real life situations.

Didier Girard

VP Engineering, SFEIR

At SFEIR Institute, we offer excellent training solutions, whether through our own training content or through our partnerships with the largest providers of advanced technologies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Linux Foundation, Coursera.

We are able to offer our customers a training plan that will achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

Thomas Gros

Head Of Engineering, SFEIR Institute

SFEIR Institute offers a catalog of more than 50 course 

They include content on AI, Big Data, Cloud, Containers, DevOps, Front End and Back End development, IoT, Mobile, Web, Agility. We also design and deliver personalized training solutions, adapted to the requirements of our customers.

SFEIR Institute's certified instructors, all world-class, are true experts in their field and highly effective trainers.

Their vocation is to provide the best training to professionals wishing to develop cutting-edge skills in the latest technologies.

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David Hollick - Google Authorized Trainer

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Google Cloud Partner of the Year 🇫🇷

SFEIR wins Google Cloud Partner of the Year award in the Training category

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